current exhibit I Frequently Go There New Artworks by Clarence Porter and Laura Culic


Until November 11, 2017


“I Frequently Go There…” presents new artworks by Hamilton artist Clarence Porter and Maynooth artist Laura Culic. In this dual exhibition, the artists’ artworks take inspiration and imagery from their surroundings. Porter is …” captivated by the breadth and beauty of Cootes Paradise in Hamilton. Inspired by the stunning vistas, I decided to devote part of this past year to paint in homage to this hypnotic wetland, a National Historic site owned and managed by the Royal Botanical Gardens. I hope that my soft pastel art gives the viewer pause to reflect on these moments in time that I cherish and on the treasure that is Cootes Paradise.” Along the same stream, once a Torontonian Culic, captures the ever inspiring areas around Maynooth, close by to Algonquin Park. “Before I moved here, I used to come as often as possible to Algonquin and surrounding areas to paddle and back country camp. I took loads of photos then, and I find myself seeing those photos with new eyes and fresh inspiration, now that I live here and it's no longer an idealized destination.” These two artists have captured places close to their heart and desire for these treasures to resonate close to the viewers.

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