current exhibit In Between Land: New Paintings by Lori Mirabelli and Victoria Pearce


Until September 30, 2017


In Between Land presents new works by Hamilton Artist Victoria Pearce and Toronto artist Lori Mirabelli. In this dual exhibition, the artists’ works take different streams to exploring colour and land composition. Pearce breaks down northern landscapes and local, well recognizable waterfalls to allow the viewer to literally read between the lines. Through boastful colours carefully placed in linear and labyrinth patterns images of crashing, rushing water down towering walls of land appear. In contrast but still like minded, Mirabelli’s work brings land and its atmospheric affects to forefront first by titles and then by closer analysis of the abstract painting. The imagery at first appears to be well placed geometric fields of colour, but with a more intimate study the suggests of incoming storms, morning light and even layers of rock formations begin to arise.

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